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At the Future of Computing Conference, we believe that collaboration and innovation are key drivers of progress. We offer a range of avenues for you to participate, whether as a sponsor, exhibitor, or attendee. This page will provide you with detailed information about the exciting ways you can get involved and contribute to the advancement of computing technologies.

Future of Computing Conference Partners

Why partner with the Future of Computing Conference 2023?


  • Connect to innovators (peers, suppliers, startups and researchers) working on cutting-edge FoC technologies​

  • Connect with the local Berlin innovation ecosystem and 

  • Make your needs for government support on the topic heard in the capital of Germany​

  • Build networks around strategic FoC technology topics​​​​

Market your company and technologies​

  • Position your company in the FoC space​

  • Showcase your FoC solutions​

  • Meet thought leaders and key innovators​

  • Be a first-mover to support this key event​​

Scouting possibilities​

  • Screen emerging technologies, suppliers and startups in the FoC space​

  • Find talent in your technology areas​

Future of Computing Partnerships


  • 3 Tiers: Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • Logo on print and digital marketing materials.
  • Customise keynotes and breakout sessions.
  • Dedicated exhibition space.
  • Seats at the Future of Computing VIP Dinner.
  • VIP Conference tickets.
  • Pre-conference matchmaking with relevant startups.


  • 4 m  or 6 m  booth space, depending on selection.
  • Basic booth furniture (high tables, chairs).

  • Standard booth design and structure.

  • Chance to pitch on the main stage.

  • Inclusion in the event's official program or catalog.

  • Company listing on the conference website.

  • Social media promotion and mentions.

  • Exhibitor badges and access passes.



Whether you are a startup, an established corporation, or a research institution, the Future of Computing Conference welcomes your support! Together, we can explore emerging trends and drive the next wave of breakthroughs shaping the computing landscape.
Interested in getting involved as a sponsor or exhibitor?
Or join as an attendee:
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