Are you looking to bring fresh ideas in your company and be up to speed on new technologies in your field?

At INAM, we believe innovative ideas need support to grow, which is why we partner with companies interested in recent developments in the field of Advanced Materials. We identify startups from all over the world working on new and exciting materials, technologies and manufacturing processes and help them partner with our corporate members for successful collaborations.

Here’s what we do for our corporate members:

  • an open discussion forum for members to exchange information and projects related to advanced materials, products and processes;

  • exclusive access to events and meetings organized by INAM’s network;

  • exclusive access to information about relevant activities in the field of advanced materials, e.g. forums, conferences, workshops; including the grant of support regarding the participation of its members in such events in the German speaking regions if desired;

  • information about new start-ups and new innovative ideas generated in universities and institutions as they come to the attentions of INAM;

  • exclusive access to the database of start-ups managed by INAM giving access to the contact names and background information of other INAM members;

  • research for technologies and start-ups being relevant to the business interest of the member (upon individual request only);

  • organization of internal support with respect to business areas covered by other INAM members including, for example, legal support for M&A, technology evaluation, background due diligence, funding opportunities and others provided that financial compensation might be requested by the members (upon individual request only);

  • exclusive access to all start-up companies that are applying to the annual AdMaCom to members and sponsors;

  • access to all activities of the AdMaCom event; and

  • opportunity to meet the management of all Members in confidential one-on-one meetings in the final round of the AdMaCom.