We are looking for Advanced Fabrics startups to improve Airbags and Seatbelts.

Win a pilot project and the chance for a long-term partnership with a global leader in mobility safety. Apply in just five minutes for a chance to win!


A core INAM member, a global leader in mobility safety. Their core products: Airbags & Seatbelts.


  • The challenge is open to any university research group, research center and startup.

  • You have developed an innovative and disruptive technology or a combination of existing technologies in Advanced Fabrics (Light & Strong Fabrics or Smart Fabrics). That includes everything from raw materials to manufacturing processes.

  • You would like to collaborate with a large company on a pilot project, contributing to the development of the next generation of airbags and/or seatbelts.

BRIEF: the challenge


1. Light & Strong Fabrics

Weight and size are critical for any automotive product. Today’s airbag fabric is a highly specialised and strong material, but there is always room for improvement. If your startup works on strong and light-weight yarns or fabrics or foils to replace fabrics, this challenge is for you. That includes everything from raw materials to manufacturing processes.

2. Smart Fabrics

The second field we are interested in is smart fabrics. That means fabrics that have additional integrated active or passive functionality. Examples: power generation/transfer/storage, human interface elements, sensing/transmission functionality, shape memory functionality. If your startup works on special materials, individual components, integration or manufacturing processes in this field, this is the challenge for you.

You can participate in one or both, depending on your technology.


Think of us as your customer or development partner. This challenge is open for startups, universities, institutes and research teams. For the project, we expect you to adapt your existing material or co-develop a material / process with us. We are ready to help you fine tune your solution to get it there.

  • Win a long-term corporate partner

  • A chance to work on a pilot project with a global leader in automotive safety.

  • Validate, grow and scale up your solution globally with us.

  • Technical and business mentoring.

  • Technical integrations for a joint proof of concept.

Note: Previous IP will be respected; if new processes in a co-development project develop, we will evaluate the distribution of the IP according to the degree of co-development and the provided knowledge.


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Applications: 1 July - 14 OCT

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Selection: 14 OCT - 30 Oct


Presentation: 12 Nov
(5-7 Selected Projects @Company's Headquarters)

Winners Announced: End of Nov (1-2 Projects)


Open innovation can be used as a tool to complement organizations' internal R&D at strategic times during the innovation process. The use of external sources can expand the innovation potential of an organization.

Organizations use open innovation to access more diverse sources of ideas and talent. The goal is to find opportunities to solve unmet needs with the help of the right partnerships.

To do this, many companies are now implementing open innovation programs to look for other ways to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their innovation processes. We at INAM organise and host Open Innovation Challenges on behalf of our members.


Step 1: We launch Open Innovation Challenges related to our corporate members’ current R&D and scout for Startups / Research Groups willing to work on this challenge.

Step 2: The participants apply for the challenge by explaining how their technologies can help solve the proposed brief.

Step 3: The best projects are selected to come and present their proposed solutions.

Step 4: One (or more) proposals are selected for pilot projects / partnerships with our corporate member.