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september 2023 Finalists

Meet THE Deep Tech Startups

Hoop Solar is developing a semi-transparent solar solution for plastic greenhouses, also known as hoop houses or polytunnels, enabling growers to generate clean energy while allowing sufficient light through for horticulture.
Level Nine is enabling the transition to a sustainable, biobased chemicals industry. They are developing a new class of industrial catalysts that mimics the power of enzymes, while overcoming their limitations, giving manufacturers of bio-chemicals unprecedented levels of efficiency, specificity, and functionality.
Nanomatter provides CVD/MOCVD equipment with integrated quality control tools such as PL and Raman spectroscopy for universities, research institutes, and R&D departments.
NextGO Epi provides tailored gallium oxide epitaxy process and related services fueled by a decade of expertise from the Leibniz Institute for Crystal Growth to enable a new generation of high-efficiency power electronics.
OneTouch Diagnostics is developing a Continuous Glucose Monitor for those living with diabetes, aiming for seamless blood glucose level monitoring. More importantly, the company is dedicated to making the technology more affordable. The mission is to replace the traditional blood glucose meter with a more patient-focused and integrated monitoring tool.
Planck Technologies specialises in designing cutting-edge materials for energy storage applications. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, they bridge the gap between material science and stationary energy storage applications, enabling a cleaner, more efficient, and sustainable energy future.


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