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AdMaCom addresses scientific driven startups with outstanding technologies and business models in the area of Advanced Materials. AdMaCom brings 10 startups to undertake an intensive 2-week competition in Berlin to propel their innovations forward. 

What does Admacom offer?

AdMaCom is much more than a competition.



Travel costs for all teams are covered up to €1000. Accommodation in Berlin is included. Cash & various prizes totalling up to €15000+ is for the taking!

INAM | AdMaCom | Collaborations

Meaningful collaborations

We know how valuable your time is. We craft the program according to the needs of your business and put you in touch with the right people.

INAM | AdMaCom | Mentorship

Valuable mentorships

Receive hands-on support on product development, business development, design and more from our extensive INAM network of experts.

INAM | AdMaCom | Pitch Training


pitch trainings

Your pitch can make or break your business. AdMaCom provides numerous pitch trainings to prepare you for different audiences as well as the DEMO DAY.

INAM | AdMaCom | Demo Day

a demo day

to remember

Iron your best shirt and bring your best game! Demo Day is the day to take everything you learned and bring it in front of our jury of experts and an audience of your peers, mentors, industry professionals, investors & more!



Impecable! INAM team really made sure to provide valuable contacts, know-how access, guidance and advice. They made sure to understand our needs and went really out of their way to help us grow as a company, as a team and even as professionals and individuals. It’s been unforgettable and we’re deeply grateful.
— Sofia Sepúlveda / CEO Innovo 3D
Thanks that you changed mogassam paradigm and expanded the opportunities and minimized the threats for Mogassam Strategy! Authentic, Smart, helpful, Creative People, well organized and friendly people!
— Ahmed Adel / Founder of Mogassam
AdMaCom is unique and unforgettable. It is like a new material or technology with interesting features that nobody knows until using it and then impossible to live without it.
— Bruno Figueiredo / Founder of Graphenest

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