It all began with a pain. Dr. Danny Krautz and Jonas Pauly realized that starting, establishing, growing and sustaining a high-tech company is – despite great efforts – still a difficult and rather unattractive undertaking. There are too many hurdles for high-tech companies and too little support in order to succeed. A lack of innovation culture, missing access to infrastructure, missing access to funding, skills and knowhow as well as a network of partners that you desperately need if one wants to bring an idea to a scalable high-tech product are just a few game breaker. However, they've also realized the potential that lies within universities, research institutes, corporates and start-ups, particularly in Berlin. 

In 2016 the initiators brought nine partners of the value chain together, to form a unique vehicle of innovation. The Innovation Network for Advanced Materials e.V. (INAM) was founded and secured a grant from the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research.

Since the INAM is all about value creation and meaningful connections, it didn’t take long to wait for it's first activities. The Advaced Materials Competition, short AdMaCom was born. A program to connect start-ups, researchers and corporates that are inspired to elaborate new ways of collaboration. With the support of international partners, the AdMaCom had over 50 international applications of exciting start-ups and research teams, who were willing put in sweat and tears over a 6-week course. Fourteen of them made it into the first batch, who were then off to expand their networks, learn from others and redefine their strategies and technologies. After the successful implementation of the Advanced Materials Competition, which was under the patronage of Berlins mayor, Michael Müller, the INAM grew by members and collaborators as well as further financial contributors. German companies such as Osram, Henkel, Ledvance as well as international partners such as CERTI from Brazil, CSEM from Switzerland or the Imperial College from London support the INAM until today. 

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Founding Partners


Jonas Pauly

Managing director

Jonas Pauly

Jonas has been leading the network since it's very beginning. His strong entrepreneurial spirit and understanding for collaboration make him an ideal mediator between INAM's contributors. He holds international recognized degrees in Business Psychology as well as Management and supports anyone who build businesses of tomorrow.

Danny Krautz


Danny Krautz – Carl Zeiss AG

Danny is the main driver behind the INAM. Due to his background within research and corporates he knows the restraints for innovation very well. He works very actively to change cultures and to bring new things on the way. Formerly he worked for Berlin Partner and is now Senior innovation Manager at Carl Zeiss Ag.


Board Member

Gerrit Rössler – Berlin Partner für Wirtschaft und Technologie GmbH

Gerrit has been supporting the INAM also from it's very first hours. As the Cluster Manager for Photonics within Berlin Partner he has been a major supporter for the development of the network as well as a key contact for corporates, research and start-ups alike.


Board Member

Marcin Ratajczak – INURU GmbH

Marcin is the CEO of one of the most promising high-tech start-ups on the horizon. With his entrepreneurial spirit and his experience as a high-tech start-up founder, he represents all upcoming companies and actively drives the cultural change for the better.


board member

Prof. Jürgen P. Rabe – Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

With Prof. Jürgen P. Rabe, representative of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin as well as the Integrative Research Institute for the Sciences, the INAM has a well known physics professor on board. With his profound knowledge and his specialty in the area of correlations of structures and dynamics of molecular systems at interfaces with mechanical, electronic, optical and (bio) chemical properties, he is a great asset and supporter of the INAM Berlin.